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About Us

About Us


In May, 2014, it became apparent that the Richard Creaghe Family tomb in the Anglican cemetery in Golden, Ireland, was in a state of severe disrepair – near failure, actually. An extensive renovation was undertaken immediately. Upon completion, a stone plaque was added with this inscription:


Since it was now carved in stone, it seemed best to create an actual society. This was done and dated to 1977, which was when I first took a serious interest in the family history and started collecting items and information. It should be noted that the main, modern era driver in collecting information pertaining to our family history and genealogy was Helen Gordon Moore of Denver, Colorado. Her monumental project was completed and capped off with an international family reunion in 1998. Her work was carried on by her brother, Creaghe H. Gordon, until his death in 2007. The vast archive is now in the care of her son, Michael G. Moore.

How to Join

Joining the Creaghe Family Historical Society is quite simple. Membership is free – there are no fees, dues, or obligations required. If you would like to serve as a principal point of contact for a family or a region of the world, that would entail being a resource person for specific information regarding your branch of the family and family sites of interest in your area. It does not imply an obligation to house visitors. The whole point of this is for it to be fun and informative.If you have an interest in membership or have questions, please refer to the Contact page and we will get back to you promptly.

Instructions for Authors

Thank you for submitting your contribution to our project. Please take into account the following requests when composing your text.

  • Please cite your sources. For instance, where did this information come from – a book, newspaper, family legend, or recollection, etc.
  • When speaking of an ancestor or relative, please be clear who they are and where they fit on the family tree. The first time a person is mentioned in your article, give their dates and where they lived. Please do not refer to them only as your Uncle or Grandparent; this can be very confusing to later generations.
  • Include photos which best represent the person or place you are describing.
  • If you are writing an article about a historic site, be specific in describing where it is and how you got there. Also include special instructions regarding permission for access, where the key can be found, etc.
  • Adding new information to a previous post of yours or someone else’s is encouraged.
  • All articles will be reviewed before posting.
  • Post your article to [email protected]

I do not mean for these points to seem pedantic or in any way restrictive. They are simply designed to make the information clear to generations to come. Please feel free to submit your information – that is what this society is all about.

The Creaghe Family Historical Society is dedicated to gathering, storing, and sharing information related to the Creaghe family with particular interest in, but not limited to, the descendants of John Creaghe, Richard  and Anne Heyliger of Castlepark, Golden, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, and the other families that have blended into the tree over the generations. This information can be used to inform future generations about their forebears- who they were, where they lived, how they lived, and what they were like on a personal level.

Creaghe Family Historical Society