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The hope is that everyone will find the site informative and enjoyable to explore. It will, however, only be as valuable as the information placed in it. Therefore, please contribute. No piece of information is too small; it could provide a clue to a mystery that is unsolved for generations. For a submission to the database or for a private communication, please use [email protected].

Our Mission

The Creaghe Family Historical Society is dedicated to gathering, storing and sharing information related to the Creaghe family with particular interest in, but not limited to, the descendants of John Creaghe, Richard and Anne Heyliger of Castlepark, Golden, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, and the other families that have blended into the tree over the generations. This information can be used to inform future generations about their forebears – who they were, where they lived, how they lived and what they were like on a personal level.

Recent Posts

John Creaghe’s Hunting Knife

John S. Creaghe’s Hunting Knife In August 2022, Brett Dean, originally from Fort Collins contacted the CFHS website with a story about a knife. In 1982, Brett’s father, Marlin Dean, was deer hunting on the slopes of Baldy Peak just north of Hesperus, Colorado when he came across a mine which had been closed off…

Naval Museum and La Plaza de la Villa, Madrid Spain

Naval Museum And La Plaza de la Villa Madrid, Spain Naval Museum Spanish Naval Museum, Madrid The Naval Museum (Museo Naval) chronicles the history of the Spanish Navy from its infancy to Christopher Columbus and Magellan, to its peak as a world power in the 16th Century, and on to the present day. Our interest…

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Photo pending On October 15, 1991, The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial was dedicated at 444 E street NW in the Judiciary Square are in Washington, D.C. It is dedicated to officers who have died in the line of duty, back to 1786. Over 23,000 names are engraved into curving…

Anne Creaghe and William Burke

Anne Creaghe (1831-1919) and William Burke (1816-1908) Family Chart: Generation 8, Number 33 Stephen Creaghe (1805-1852) and Sarah Selina “Sally” Persse (~1805-after1841) Family Chart: Generation 7, Number 20 The Estate Manager’s home in 1860’s. Now the Lodge at Ashford Castle. Editor’s Note: This article was written by Alex Trouton of London who is researching her…


CFHS Newsletter, August 8, 2022 Richard Fitzroy Heyliger Creagh Since the last newsletter there have been several articles added to our website and we have a new acquisition. New Acquisition – see Artifacts As mentioned in the last newsletter, portrait miniatures of Richard Creaghe DL and Richard F.H. Creaghe were up for auction in early…

The Lodge at Ashford Castle

The Lodge at Ashford Castle Cong, County Mayo, Ireland The Lodge at Ashford Castle As is the case with most grand estates in Europe, Ashford Castle and Estate has a long history.  While it all began in 1228, we are interested in the period starting with the purchase of the property in 1852 by Sir…

Family History

This section is designed to provide easy access to information organized by people (Ancestors), family historic sites, family artifacts, and family history in general. Articles about the Creaghe family in Australia, the Bazan family in New Mexico, the Gordon family, the Creaghe Ranch are examples.

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