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Creaghe Family in Ireland – Papers of Percy F.S. Creaghe

Creaghe Family in Ireland – Papers of Percy F.S. Creaghe

Creaghe Family in Ireland

Papers of Percy F.S. Creaghe


Most of what we know of our 18th and early 19th Century ancestors can be found in the information collected and recorded by Percy Creaghe. It appears that many of the sources were drawn from documents and belonging to his father, Philip C. Creaghe. Percy was working on this project in the 1930’s, and some of his military research was not completed due to the onset of World War II. His efforts provide insights into the lives and personalities of some of our forbearers – about whom we would otherwise know nothing except dates.

These papers were reviewed and recorded by Michael and Merril Barnett in 1997. Lady Pamela Blunden generously allowed them to take the original documents home to Australia where they were copied and then returned. When the first person voice is used in the text, it is almost always Percy talking to us. The only things I have added are points of clarification. These are indicated by brackets [ ] or italicized comments.

The document can be accessed using the toggle below.

This being said, trying to figure out just who is being referred to by whom can be very difficult at times. Therefore, if any errors are noted, please let me know at Also, when a document is reviewed and “clarified”, mistakes can made. Therefore, I have included the unaltered Barnett document in the “Catalog” section of the website.

With that thought in mind, deciphering the text with a program can be easier. The principal players and how they are related to Percy are listed below.

GGG Grandfather:   Richard Creaghe of Kiloylin (prob.1708-17950) see page 7

GG   Grandfather:   John Creaghe, Richard (? – 1792)   Wife- Anne Heyliger (1747- 1832)(AKA: J.C. of Abbey or J.C. of Eustatius)

G Grandfather: Richard Creaghe of Castle Park (? – 1837) (AKA: Richard Creaghe., DL)

Grandfather: Richard Fitzroy Heyliger Creaghe (1804-1850)

Father: Philip Crampton Creaghe (1850-1933)

Author: Percy Fitzroy Seton Creaghe (1875-1949)

  • Robert Creaghe
    Posted at 17:49h, 13 July Reply

    grandfather was Andrew Creaghe, met and married his wife on the boat from ireland very early 1900’s from Dublin.

    • Stephen Creaghe
      Posted at 12:14h, 28 August Reply

      Robert, Thank you for your comment. Do you have any other information about Andrew?

      Steve Creaghe

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