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Dick Creaghe, Family Information

Dick Creaghe, Family Information


Copy of Information Sent to Helen Moore

By: Dick (Richard Fitzroy) Creaghe (1918-2008), Auckland, N.Z.

The Creaghs became established in Limerick in the time of the Danes. They were originally O’Nialls from the North, an old Milesian family. The MILESIANS invaded Ireland from Spain about BC 753. These O’Nialls defeated the Danes, and drove them out of the City of Limerick. As they were returning from their victory over the Danes, as a sign of Victory, they put Green Branches in the head-stalls of horses. Thereafter they were known as “O’Niall O’craoibhe,” that is “O’Niall of the Branch.” Eventually the “O’Niall” was dropped, and “O’Craoibhe” became Anglicized into CREAGH. The family was prominent in the civic life of the City for many hundreds of years. The first Creagh Mayor of Limerick was in 1918.

NICHOLAS CREAGHE, the first of our direct line we have been able to trace; through old deeds, which were in the possession of Stephen Creaghe, of Reens, he died 30 years ago, and this line is now extinct. The Creaghes of Reens also traced their descent direct from Nicholas and so were distant cousins.

THOMAS ARCHER – who married Elinor Butler was of the Kilkenny branch of the Archer family. Fulbert L’Archer, the first member of the Archer family, came over with William in 1066, from Normandy. The name appears in “The Roll of Battle Abbey”. The senior branch settled in Cornwall. I have not been able to find out when the family came to Ireland. From the Warwickshire branch came Thomas Archer. Lord Archer of Umberslade, a great friend of our Great Great Great Grandfather, this Thomas Archer, who used to stay at Umberslade frequently.

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