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Richard Creaghe DL’s Watch

Richard Creaghe DL (Esq.) (d. 1837) left this gold watch to his son, Richard Fitzroy Heyliger Creaghe (1804- 1890) with the caveat that it be kept in the family. It has indeed been kept in the family, going next to his first born, Richard Fitzroy (Roy) Creaghe (1844- 1890). Perhaps the watch was given as Roy left for the New World – Australia – in 1865. Next it passed to only son, Richard Fitzroy Creaghe (1878- 1929). In turn, it went to his first-born son, Richard Fitzroy (Dick) Creaghe (1918 – 2008). Currently, the watch is held by Dick’s only son, Richard Fitzroy Creaghe (b. 1952) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Creaghe Family Seal
Virtute et Numine

Inscription by Richard Fitzroy Heyliger Creaghe
This Watch
Was left to me by my
Dear Father
Richard Creaghe Esqr.
With a request that it
Should be retained in the family

These photos were provided by Richard Fitzroy Creaghe and Nicola Torbet.

Stephen B. Creaghe, September 2, 2020.

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