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The Creaghes

The Creaghes

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The Scythians

Arriving with dust and thunder, fierce horsemen from the East burst upon the European Stepp some 700 years before Christ. Invincible for four centuries, these proud marauders grew rich on the dividends of conquest, decking even their horses with gold. Then, mysteriously, they vanished, leaving only tales of their courage and cruelty, and imposing tombs lavishly provisioned for eternity. So said the National Geographic magazine in September 1996.

In 138 BC, hearing that the Yueh chi, a Scythian tribe and traditional enemies of the Huns, had been driven west in a series of sanguinary battles, the Han emperor WU-ti dispatched a mission led by Zhang Qian to solicit an alliance.

The Scythians had been pushed west by the Huns, but their vengeance had drained away in the new land of 36 fabulously rich kingdoms.

The Milesians

The family of Creaghe is of Milesian Origin – according to the pedigree compiled fromm the Saltar of Cashel. They are descended from Herimon Monarch of Leinster. Reigned 14 years Anno Mundi 2738. He was second son of Milesius by his wife Scota, daughter of one of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

About the tie that Troy fell and Rome was founded. From Scythia, through Spain, with harp and battle axe and an advanced stage of civilization, came that remarkable dynasty of Milesian chiefs, who for centuries formed its governing and enlightened class, moulding its institutions, and shaping its destinies.

The invasion from Spain led by Milesius was to avenge the murder of his uncle, Ith, who whilst on a friendly visit to Erin was slain by the Tuatha Danaans.

These Tuatha Danaans appear to have (succeeded probably by conquest); the Firbolgs as earlier inhabitants of Erin – long before the era of Authentic history oral or written. So the Creaghe trace their descent, through Herimon Am 2738 – AD 377 down to Niall of the Nine Hostages Anno Christi 377 and his son Eogau (or Eugenius).

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