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The Ministers of the Army General Treasury and Royal Hacienda

The Ministers of the Army General Treasury and Royal Hacienda


This is a translated copy of the 1805 contract between the Government of New Spain and Ignacio and Juan Bazan to provide Master craftsman level instruction to young people of Santa Fe who desire to further their knowledge of the art of weaving.

We certify that in consequence of the Superior Decret from the Excellency Senor Sirrey from this Reign, last May 6th, Don Ignacio Bazan, master weaver by examination, and his brother Don Juan Bazan, official in the same guild, were hired for the Village of Santa Fe del Nuevo Mexico to train this art to their youth, with the following conditions:

1st: They will remain living at the village, teach the natives their trade, for at least six years, without leaving until their disciples have taken advantage and learned the art.

2nd: The master will be satisfied with a day’s wage of eighteen reales beginning today, that he leaves the Capital until he fulfills his contract, for which he shall remain with his children in the New Mexico.

3rd: Besides the daily eighteen reales, he should be paid during the journey nine more reales daily for himself and six reales for each of his sons; this assignation will stop when they arrive to their destination, when it will be reduced to his eighteen reales.

4th: It must be given to him as it already has a horse with saddle and restraint [hobble?]; one shotgun, one pair of blunderbusses and one saber for the road, and two horses saddled and restrained for their sons.

5th: To the Official Don Juan it must be paid beginning today and until he fulfills his contract twelve reales daily and six during the journey having given to him a horse with saddle and restraint, one pair of blunderbuss and one saber.

6th: It has been given to him the utensils which appear in the separate list of Accounts from the Real Hacienda for the commerce of his art, having to assemble the sewing presses required in the Santa Fe village at the expense of the Real Hacienda too.

7th: That the transportation of these utensils and that of his baggage are also to be charged to the Royal Hacienda paying fourteen reales daily per three loading mules which were harnessed with lasso and rope.

8th: That the hostler, or guide, that will lead them will be earning daily one peso, which will be satisfied by the appointed Master on account of the Real Hacienda.

9th: That arriving to the New Mexico, the Master and Official will surrender to the Governnor or justice from the village the five horses, with saddles, restraints, and halters, the three harnessed mules, the shotgun, two pairs of blunderbusses and two sabers, and in the event that some beast should die on the road, they will satisfy with a transcript from the justice or any other document that can attest to the reason for not surrendering it.

10th: That this artisan will be furnished at the village with house and provisions for the just price that satisfy all their day’s wages and that is why they earn it on working day and holydays without exception.

11th: That they have to be well stocked for the journey with what is considered fair on account from here to Zacatecas; in Zacatecas with the necessary to Durango. In Durango with the necessary till the next case and from there to their destination; with respect to the day’s wages and averages from the Master and Official six reales daily for each young man of their sons and one peso for the servant and fourteen reales for the maintenance of the bests.

12th: That in the mentioned destination it has to be presented also the utensils that they have according to the note that is enclosed to mount the sewing presses and begin their work and teaching.

13th: That in case that they want to leave the province before the six years their wages will be stopped and nothing will be granted for their return, and when they fulfill the six years and they appoint disciples diligent in the class of expert officials, the authorities will grant according to the just bearing and merit of the Master and Official, the reward that should be given to them.

Under the expressed conditions, the referred Don Ignacio Ricardo, widow, and Don Juan Bazan, single, Spanish, and two youths, sons of the first named, one Francisco Xavier, fourteen years old, and the other Jose Manuel, ten years old, are transferred to the New Mexico, having __________ with three hundred pesos by this General Treasury for their lending on account of their enjoyment and expenses. And it should be shown whenever it convenes and can be recorded right after what in the Transit. Boxes will be provided until they get to their destination, and there they will settle accounts, we give the present in Mexico, at September the 3rd of 1805.

Translated from Spanish by Lydia Greenwald on 12/08/83

  • * Reales are Spanish coins
  • ___________ missing word
  • Literal translation
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